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What Is "Open Adoption"?

We would like to take some time to explain what we mean by “open” when we talk about “open adoption”. In short, openness in an adoption simply means that there is some means of communication available between the adoptive parents, the biological parents, and the child during and after the adoption. It can range from simply exchanging names and contact information, to sharing photos a few times per year, to visits, to a full relationship. Open adoptions can and do take an infinite number of forms that are as unique and varied as the people involved.

The level of openness is determined by the biological parents and the adoptive parents with the goal of making sure everyone is comfortable, and the level of openness can change over time. Openness is important because it leaves records unsealed, allows the child to know where he or she came from, and keeps the door open for questions about things like medical history, which may be important in the future. It is for those reasons that we are pursuing an open adoption. We have a wonderful open relationship with Caius's birth family, and are very grateful to have them in our lives. We message regularly, share photos, and visit one another when possible. Caius will always know his adoption story, who his birth family is, and how important they are to us. Openness allows us all to celebrate him together. While we enjoy the amount of openness we share with them, we understand that our next child's birth family may seek a different type of relationship. We will respect their wishes, and look forward to forging a connection that makes everyone comfortable.

If you or anyone you know would like to know more about us or open adoption, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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