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Mountaintop Fun at the Pumpkin Patch Playground

We spent Saturday morning at the Pumpkin Patch Playground up on Signal Mountain. Located on the mountain behind our neighborhood and just nine miles from our front door, the Pumpkin Patch is one of the nicest playgrounds to visit in the Chattanooga area during the summer. The dense shade of so many tall trees combined with the cool mountain breezes found at a higher elevation make the Pumpkin Patch an ideal place to escape the Southern summer heat for a few hours of playtime fun. We hope that one day we can bring a second child--a baby brother or sister--with Caius and that they can zip down the big slides together, swing side by side on the swings, or ramble over the pirate ship climbing structure. The Pumpkin Patch would be a great place for Caius and a sibling to create happy summer memories.

The Pupkin Patch playground is a community asset, really, maintained by a local board, constructed with volunteer labor, and financed through mostly small donations given by local families and businesses, including our son's pediatrician.

The Pumkin Patch is constructed almost entirely out of wood and features a number of fun, whimsical play structures like this one Daddy Adam and Caius are peeking out of. The playground is a great place for joyful, imaginative play. It's fun to envision how Caius may play with a younger brother or sister here one day.

Oh no! The Big Bad Wolf payed us a visit!

He's going to huff and puff and blow our house down!!!

The Pumpkin Patch has swings, picnic tables, and climbing structures geared to a wide range of children's ages and development milestones.

The Pumpkin Patch Playground takes full advantage of the hilly mountain top terrain with long slides and a fun bridge that spans the hills and gullies.

The long, fast, wood-framed slides set the Pumkin Patch apart from all other Chattanooga area playgrounds. The hilly mountaintop terrain creates wonderful natural inclines, and the Pumpkin Patch uses those slopes to full advantage. Caius and Daddy Adam had a great time zipping down the hillsides. We're looking forward to when we can share these kind of fun, silly moments with a second child.

Maybe one day Caius can play pretend train conductor with a little brother or sister on the Pumpkin Express!

We always have a good time at the Pumkin Patch Playground. We're looking forward to bringing Caius and a little brother or sister here for years to come.

If you would like more information about the Pumpkin Patch Playground, you can connect on Facebook at

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