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Happy 16th Manniversary to us!

Get off the roadways! Our relationship is old enough to drive!

We met each other in 2003 on the steps leading up to David’s apartment building in "The Fort" just off-campus from the University of Tennessee. In the sixteen years since, we’ve come a long way: five apartments, a condo, two houses, six cars, four cats, three dogs, married in California, marriage finally recognized everywhere in the nation, fathers to the best little boy anywhere, and hoping to become fathers again soon. Even though we have a wedding anniversary to celebrate each October, we still commemorate today's date, calling it the Manniversary.

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to record part of our story for Tennessee Valley StoryCorps, and a portion of that was aired just last week on the local NPR station, WUTC 88.1. In honor of this year’s Manniversary, we wanted to share the link to our story with everyone who follows us on our adoption page so that you can know a little more about us. You can listen to our story here.

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