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Friday Fun Day

Sometimes you just have to take a day off and go play!

Yesterday we had an impromptu Friday Fun Day with Caius! We decided to take off work and go enjoy some family time. We started our day with a buffet breakfast at a local restaurant, Wally's. Caius loved looking over all of the options - he chose oranges, cheesy grits, pancakes with syrup, grapes, an apple, and some cereal! He really enjoyed it! Next we headed off to the Smith-Perry Berries Farm to check out their fantastic sunflower fields. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Caius loved checking them all out and looking at the bees and tractors! We had fun snapping photos and walking through the fields together.

We headed home for a nap and then decided to hit up our neighborhood pool! We took Daddy David's inflatable boat so Captain Caius could sail all around the cement pond. He loves to jump into our arms off of the ladder! We always have fun splashing and playing in the pool. Next we headed to dinner at one of our favorite dinner spots, Fiesta Mexicana, to meet our friend Lacy! We love catching up with friends on the weekends over dinner. Caius had beef enchiladas, but we think he ended up with more of it on his shirt than in his tummy! Back home after dinner, we had our daily ration of milk and two books before heading off to dreamland. We had a fantastic Friday and can't wait to see what other fun we can get into this weekend!

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